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Anderson Engaged 2022

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Jack Wolfe's interest in and affinity toward Native American communities and cultures began in childhood, when he and his sister spent summers in the Lake Tahoe area, often visiting a Washo community where they played with other children and listened to stories. Jack’s concern with the historical and contemporary oppression of Native Americans by the United States, including acts of genocide and cultural genocide (e.g., forced assimilation; proscriptions on use of languages and cultural practices; adoption of abducted or removed Native American children into white families – a practice that persisted through much of the 20th century), the breaking of federal treaties, and exploitation of Native American land, among other acts of overt and structural violence, persisted throughout his life.


Jack Wolfe

American Indian Movement - The Portraits

Anderson Gallery Virtual


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Art Loans for Living Spaces purpose is for select works of art to leave the gallery’s walls, and to enter the active lives of the students of BSU. These works will adorn the living spaces that our students call home.The interests of our diverse student body and the range of involvement with art among BSU students, informed how we have begun to build this specific collection. The first 26 works have been selected to reflect a diversity in ethnicity, nationality, and gender of artists which mirror this institutions student body.election was also informed by the balance of both representational and abstract imagery.

The focus is on enabling students to walk away excited by the diverse nature of the collection, and to have the opportunity to pick out and spend time with artworks that had personal appeal. In the short term the collection will expand slowly while gauging those works that resonant with our student population. This will allow time to assess demand as awareness of and interest in the program grow, and to expand the collection mindfully as we learn more over time about what mediums, subjects, and styles particularly strike a chord with our student collectors.


Art for Living Spaces


Loans for Living Spaces

Sponsored by the Anderson Gallery



Matriarchal Strength: stories of Indigenous separation and border crossing

Rachael Devaney

“Matriarchal Strength,” will featured 11 portrait images of Devaney’s birth family, who hail from El Salvador. The photos, which were paired with shared stories and written content, will help audiences make connections between South, Central, and North American Tribal communities, and their struggles with family separation and immigration.

Flawed Beauty

Valerie Anselme


In our society perfection in beauty, for men and women is almost a must. It’s what we see each day on TV, news stands, and in social media. It’s important that we learn to love what is ours. Even if it doesn’t look like our perception of perfection. Doors of self-love and healing open when we embrace what we believe is our flaw. The Flawed Beauty Project is a thought provoking photo and video project that shows people revealing and embracing their flaws for all they are - and to inspire others to do the same.



Paul Stopforth


Exiled from South Africa for his support of the Anti-Apartheid movement, Paul Stopforth has championed Human Rights through performances, sculpture, paintings, and prints. The university is fortunate to have significant works within the collection. Examples of his work are installed in the Welcome Center and Moakley Center. For further reading on the work of Paul Stopforth; the Anderson Gallery has published a catalogue that is a great overview of this artist life-time work. Titled Bethesda, Breakwater, Bridgewater; written by Jonathan Shirland, Associate Professor of Art History.


Street Bears

Curated in collaboration with Street Theory, Boston



STREET the*o*ry [NOUN]:

A set of principals on which the practice of street culture is based; An idea used to account for a situation or justify a course of action through authentic and creative self-expression.

Bear Mural, Turchon Tunnel


Sonni is one of a number of artists who have used their experience in graphic design and illustration as inspiration for urban art in Buenos Aires. Together with other artists from similar backgrounds, Sonni helped to define a local movement that is referred to as muñequismo, a style of street art defined by its playful cartoon aesthetic.

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Free Form Fashion embraces our differences and promotes our equality as fashion molds us as one; discussions, workshops, and events carried throughout the organization will help members get involved in-depth with the world of fashion from different cultures through the eyes of those surrounding them. Fashion surrounds us through appearance, approach, and action encompassing our everyday lives; FFF deciphers a world of fashion while accepting those who live in it and support it.


Free Form Fashion


Fashion is multicultural; Free Form exemplifies diversity.

Sponsored by the Anderson Gallery


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