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In recent weeks, the images flooding traditional and social media of current protests against racial injustice and the killing of black people encourage reflection on similarities and areas of progress between the present and the time of the civil rights movement. Across the over-saturated span of highly polarized contemporary media, some rhetoric has shifted, while other aspects of the dialogue about race and racism echo the past uncannily.


Jack Wolfe


Civil Rights Paintings: A Viewing in 2020

Anderson Gallery Virtual

June - February 2020


Matriarchal Strength: stories of Indigenous separation and border crossing

Rachael Devaney

“Matriarchal Strength,” will feature 11 portrait images of Devaney’s birth family, who hail from El Salvador. The photos, which will be paired with shared stories and written content, will help audiences make connections between South, Central, and North American Tribal communities, and their struggles with family separation and immigration.

Native American Paintings

Jack Wolfe

Anderson Virtual

September - March, 2020

Portraits that were motivated by the concerns with the historical and contemporary oppression of Native Americans by the United States, including acts of genocide and cultural genocide (e.g., forced assimilation; proscriptions on use of languages and cultural practices; adoption of abducted or removed Native American children into white families – a practice that persisted through much of the 20th century), the breaking of federal treaties, and exploitation of Native American land, among other acts of overt and structural violence



Paul Stopforth


Exiled from South Africa for his support of the Anti-Apartheid movement, Paul Stopforth has championed Human Rights through performances, sculpture, paintings, and prints. The university is fortunate to have significant works within the collection. Examples of his work are installed in the Welcome Center and Moakley Center. For further reading on the work of Paul Stopforth; the Anderson Gallery has published a catalogue that is a great overview of this artist life-time work. Titled Bethesda, Breakwater, Bridgewater; written by Jonathan Shirland, Associate Professor of Art History.


Street Bears

Curated in collaboration with Street Theory, Boston



STREET the*o*ry [NOUN]:

A set of principals on which the practice of street culture is based; An idea used to account for a situation or justify a course of action through authentic and creative self-expression.

Spirit Bear Mural

Don Rimx

Don Rimx dedicates himself to incorporating the various techniques of classic art into urban art, with a specialization in murals. Lorenzo Homar, Jose Alicea, Rafael Tufino, Antonio Martorell, Rembrandt, and Joaquin Sorolla, are just a few of the influences one see’s in the line work, color treatment and poetic imagery of his pieces.

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Free Form Fashion embraces our differences and promotes our equality as fashion molds us as one; discussions, workshops, and events carried throughout the organization will help members get involved in-depth with the world of fashion from different cultures through the eyes of those surrounding them. Fashion surrounds us through appearance, approach, and action encompassing our everyday lives; FFF deciphers a world of fashion while accepting those who live in it and support it.


Free Form Fashion


Fashion is multicultural; Free Form exemplifies diversity.

Sponsored by the Anderson Gallery


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