Drawing Class

Exhibition @ The Better Bean Company
February 1 - 28, 2017
23 Central Square
Bridgewater MA.


Reception: Thursday, February 23, 2017
Live Acoustic Night: 7:30pm

In a beginning drawing class, students develop their powers of observation and their technical skills. They learn about one and two-point perspective, value and composing a drawing. The fun begins when they feel more confident and can start to make expressive, masterful drawings.

Last semester, I had two great Drawing I classes at BSU and decided to exhibit my students’ work at the Better Bean Coffee Company. All the students were encouraged to submit whatever they wished. I have included all their submitted works in this exhibit

-Joan Mullen

Robert Anderson
Angela Campbell
Devin Collins
Haley Cornellier
Emily Couto
Alyson Fleck
Julia Gagne
Carly Keaveney
Maryanne Nicholson
Emily Philbin
Angela Segall
Lily Young
Jessica Zeoli