ed Benavente

On the Lawn
Art Center
June 2015 - June 2016

Artist's Statement

The work of Ed Benavente is largely focused on the illustrative portrayal of the human condition. Typically these depictions feature elongated stick man figures and other characters which fall somewhere between the likes of Giacometti and Walt Disney. Whimsical yet often with a footnote of serious thought and contemplation. The artist’s early ambitions of becoming a cartoonist show through not only in the imagery but also with the inclusion of titles for the works which often invoke truisms, philosophical references and contemporary catch phrases. Each work of art is meant to illustrate or tell a story. The idea is to reduce the elements of the image in such a way that the viewer is compelled to add to the story, details from their own experience. By doing this, one recognizes the commonality of thoughts and emotions shared by others but perhaps not always spoken.

Above: Starting from Scratch, Right: Inquistion.