Candace C. Thibeault
Anderson Gallery
January 13 - February 12/2015




Artist's Statement

Using petri dishes, plant life and underwater creatures as my inspiration, my work becomes an active playground for inhabitants from my own imagination.  I enjoy creating an environment where different components can co exist together. Unseemingly beautiful contents, such as mold, viruses and bacteria are the backdrops for many of my works.  Although most of the characters in my depictions seem to be free moving vessels, they are all tied together and bound by mediums that connect every part of the painting. 

 My understanding of natures delicate balance and each beings relevance to another is mirrored through my works. 

Bacteria, molds, and viruses are the terrain for many of my works.  Flat renditions of biological elements are illustrated and embedded between resin.  Wax carvings are placed between layers of resin to emulate floating vessels.  Clay is manipulated, glazed and fired before it becomes coral;  strategically placed within layers of the paintings.   Resin is never evenly poured, and the overall design of my pieces are not strategically planned out in advance.  

Mold, mildew and viruses represent an invasive component in the art, but often become the background noise for other more important things that are happening.  Wax carved, free floating vessels are the conservancy of the environment, attaching themselves to specific parts of the painting, as if to keep the beautiful and delicate things afloat. Plant life is motioned; adapting and growing within the invisible current.

I've always had a fascination with color and composition, even before I understood what these two words really meant in the way of fine art.  
While the creative process pulls an emotional cord, viewers often see an illustrated version of what I describe as the intricacies of life. 

Our lives are complicated and tedious, and balance is an idea that often times, gives us peace of mind.  I believe that like the representation in my work, we enter life meeting circumstances that sometimes have surprise arrivals, often creating more complexities...but also occurring with purpose.  As an artist and human being, my work is a reminder that purpose is necessary.