Art Loans for Living Spaces

Art Loans for Living Spaces purpose is for select works of art to leave the gallery’s walls, and to enter the active lives of the students of BSU. These works will adorn the living spaces that our students call home. The interests of our diverse student body and the range of involvement with art among BSU students, informed how we have begun to build this specific collection. The first 26 works have been selected to reflect a diversity in ethnicity, nationality, and gender of artists which mirror this institutions student body. Selection was also informed by the balance of both representational and abstract imagery.

The focus is on enabling students to walk away excited by the diverse nature of the collection, and to have the opportunity to pick out and spend time with artworks that had personal appeal. In the short term the collection will expand slowly while gauging those works that resonant with our student population. This will allow time to assess demand as awareness of and interest in the program grow, and to expand the collection mindfully as we learn more over time about what mediums, subjects, and styles particularly strike a chord with our student collectors.

Come pick a work of art for your dorm or apartment on January 27th. from 1-2:30pm on the second floor of the Maxwell Library. Display your art for the semester and then return the work to the Anderson Gallery in April. Selection will be done by first-come, first-served basis from the 25 original prints listed on this page. For more details email: Jay Block ( or Lynne Augenti (

Artist Biographies can be download here.