Fashion of Strength

Gabi D'Amelio

I wished to create a body of work that paid honor to women, their strength, power and beauty. I chose to show diversity by intentionally choosing to use women in my life that differ in ethnic and cultural backgrounds as well as differing in age. Each woman provided me with a word that makes them feel strong, empowered and beautiful. The text on the page following the photo describes why they chose this word, what it means to them and parts of their story that got them to the place where they are today. For this series of photos, I pulled from the idea of high fashion, magazine cover portraiture. I wanted the images to be bold, in hopes that it will make the women feel strong and important as if they are actually on the cover of a magazine. As for the background of the image, I surrounded each woman with an element from nature to show the connection between them and their roots (in their culture and as women). Empowering women is something I take a lot of pride in, and it is evident in many of my photographic series.