Portraits of Peru

Joshua Donald
Curated by Bethany Matern
BDR Gallery
March 4- May 22/2015

Curators Statement:

When given the task of curating images for this exhibition, I was not entirely sure what to do because upon looking at the images I noticed that while they are all images from the photographer's travels in Peru, they are all very unique. Gazing at these beautiful images, all so different and very interesting in their own ways, I just didn't know how I could possibly choose just 10-12 out of the roughly 20 I was given to choose from and how I could make my selection flow together into a cohesive exhibit. I spent a good amount of time simply scrolling back and forth between the images, I had a few instant favorites, and a few more that grew on me the longer I looked at them. Regardless of my personal preference, I tried to maintain perspective on the fact that just because I like them for their aesthetic appeal or their subject matter, does not necessarily mean that they will be able to compose a united display. I started with my absolute favorite image (man sitting with instrument with the intense one point perspective down the street), and tried to choose a balanced variety between the black and white and color images to start. I focused a lot on combining the vibrant colors and fascinating textures of the people's clothing with the high contrast black and white images while also balancing the close-up object and portrait shots with the wider street views. By the time I had finished compiling my image choices I observed that the images I selected really did speak to each other, even more than I had initially realized, and that the common theme throughout the images was centered around the colors, values, and textures. When choosing what sizes to make the images, I tried to give a variety, making some of the farther out shots of the street smaller and the closer images larger so as to possibly interrupt a viewer's expectations that small objects be small and large street views be large. I quite enjoyed curating this exhibit and I am very grateful for this opportunity and learning experience.

-Bethany Matern