Christopher Flanagan

Bridgewater State University
College of Continuing Studies
11 Field Road, 2nd Fl.
Attleboro MA 02703

Curated by Mim Brooks Fawcett
Executive Director
Attleboro Arts Museum

My current body of work speaks to age and time. Influenced by the marks of the human hand and the marks of time, my work seeks to strike up a dialogue within the viewer. As the shine of modernism fades, we are left with relics and the only constant in our lives is change. Contemporary society moves fast and leaves little to the imagination. I look to create art that is a counterbalance providing an examination of time and how we view our own time. The work is often quiet and understated, with its economy of information, underlying structure and symmetry creating a meditative quality. The images evolve and unfold before the viewer, allowing for reflection and contemplation. The work is also a reflection of a deep desire to manipulate materials by hand. Working to explore and expand what materials can do and what they were originally intended for, I use my hands to manipulate materials and tlime.

-Christopher Flanagan