Clipped Wings

Emmanuel Jose

The Clement C. Maxwell Library - September 3 - January 9/2014

Meet Emmanuel Jose on Sunday, November 17th, 2pm in Maxwell 202. Emmanuel will do a short presentation and then a walkthru of the Clipped Wings exhibition.



Emmanuel Jose decided to use a longtime fascination with playing cards to set a personal challenge: Create a single giant paper-cut card each week. This challenge was done using traditional paper-cutting techniques and transformed the suits and pips of a standard deck into an imaginative display of our favorite birds. Cockatoos, pelicans and songbirds each have been beautifully rendered into the Jack of Clubs, the Three of Spades and the Two of Diamonds. Not limited to pure representation, Emmanuel imaginatively plays with the adage of why a chicken crosses the road, the traditional Thanksgiving dinner setting and the art of origami.
Emmanuel works in numerical order, ace through king. Add two jokers and a back design, and each deck involves 55 pieces of art. The artist uses scissors and an X-ACTO knife to cut all the elements by hand, mounting them on the cards with precise detail. Each card measures 24 x 17 inches.

‘Clipped Wings’ will be displayed in full throughout the Clement C. Maxwell Library.
This exhibition has been organized by the Wallace L. Anderson gallery.

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