Karen Margolis
Anderson Gallery
April 6 - June 15

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Sculptures comprised of cotton covered wire that are individually rolled into components, colored and then attached with annealed wire.  Architecturally, they are meant to be columns, built up of successive growth layers and pieced together in jigsaw puzzle fashion.  The form of each column evolves through collaboration between it and me, in a struggle between both our wills; it endeavors to swell out against my determination to contain it.  Consequently, the irregularly formed columns are unstable and fail in their duty, with the marks of our conflict residing in the bulges and indents of each individual.  Their life cycles involve dismantling and rebuilding and so I have begun to merge the processes of construction and deconstruction.

In situ is created from the process of painting the wire components and setting them to dry on transparent polyester paper. Residual paint from the drying process leaves an imprint on the transparent paper. Like a sonogram of my fetal creations, in situ generates an image of the developing constructions.

-Karen Margolis