Mercedes Nunez

February 25 - March 27/2024
Wallace L. Anderson Gallery & Clement C. Maxwell Library
Reception February 26/2014, 4:30-7:00 PM

The exhibition Enigma is like poem, it opens with the surface beauty found in lyric and meter; color and brush which are bold and buoyantly presented on delicate Japanese Rice Paper filling the gallery from floor to ceiling. Again like a poem, once read aloud and the initial sweep of sounds falls away into silence; it is in the continued re-readings where the onionskin layers of meaning nested within are revealed. The artists book; Treatise on Schrodinger's Thought Experiment enables the careful reader a key to understanding the intent of this installation - as a subtle elegy and cautionary tale of ash and fire.



Asemic in nature, Enigma allows for meaning to occur trans-linguistically. Each of the books and objects reflects a sense of traditional writing forms, but intentionally seeks to cause the reader to waver between reading and looking. This form of art is still writing, is often calligraphic, and is dependent on the reader's sense and knowledge of writing systems and aesthetic intuition to infer meaning.