The Passing of Time

Matthew Burger

My work as a photographer stems around exploration and curiosity. I want to show my viewers that there are amazing places to see that can be found a lot closer than one may think. There is so much beauty in nature that is hiding right in front of our eyes. Technology has created a lack of motivation to explore what is around us; from landscapes, to animals, to small insects, to the designs of rocks and everything in between. I want to inspire people to go out and see the nature that surrounds them.

The photographs in this collection are all scenes in nature that express the passing of time. Landscapes such as a sea of sand dunes or a moss-covered swamp, have developed over hundreds of years. Like all ecosystems, they did not simply drop into existence. It has taken long periods of time to change the land into what is currently available for us. Similarly, the amount of time that can be seen simply by gazing at the moon and stars is existential. The images of the Milky Way and surrounding stars are an exact representation of time. The photograph of the moon acts in the same manner, as many people regularly observe the different lunar phases throughout the month and form a connection with the forever movement of time. Some people simply view a landscape and see it for its beauty. And there are others who see that, but ask themselves questions like, how did the land form the way it did? How much has the land changed during my lifetime? What did the land look like before I got here?

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