Deconstructing Father

Tracey Crosby

My name is Tracey and I'm a photographer based in Massachusetts. My work is about connecting with people and capturing authenticity. I primarily work with editorial photography and portraiture. My work takes the form of digital photography and video, as well as film. My work is ever-evolving as I continue to explore my imagination through different photographic techniques and mediums.

This piece is about exploring my childhood and the relationship I had with my father growing up. It focuses on deconstructing the memories I had with my father in a way to re-solidify his presence in my life today. This is personal to my fascination with childhood and the influence memories have on us. The medium for this project is video, where the first is a timeline of home video footage my father recorded of my childhood from ages 5-10. The second video, an animation compilation, acts as a response to my father and is overlaid with recycled audio of his voice from the home videos.