BSU Bears

Samantha Cushman
Across from the BSU Bookstore
Sam Cushman bear


The bear statue that I have painted is covered in the local flora of Massachusetts, specifically the Southeastern region that Bridgewater State belongs to. Painted in the style of a linocut print, black and white flora fills the bear from head to toe. The flora includes sweet fern, virginia rose, eastern showy aster, and many more local species. Each plant included is painted larger than in life encapsulating details unique to each. The flora overlaps and fills the bear’s entire body representing the abundance of native flora Massachusetts has.

This bear is meant to show the connection we have to the land around us and the biodiversity we have as a community. Massachusetts is filled with biodiverse flora and fauna, much like BSU’s diverse student population. This bear is not only meant to show our connection to local wildlife but also reflect on our collective growth through education that occurs everyday on campus. The flora is painted in a linocut print style to pay homage to my roots at BSU as a printmaker.

- Sam Cushman