Brenda Atwood Pinardi

Saint's & Circus

Anderson Gallery
August 14- September 28, 2015


Paintings of impossible acts cloaking mysteriously dark and hidden corridors. Dream-like trysts, mermaids, masks and fireproof women intermingle in the work of Brenda Atwood Pinardi. Suffused in gem quality colors this exhibition is seductively disturbing in the sideshow barker narratives of inner turmoil, heroic feats of daring and promises of true amazement.

“I am a narrative artist whose roots are in the oceans of Cape Cod and Maine. I layer stories, both personal and universal, combining myths and symbols to create a world populated by fanciful beings, winged mermaids and water spirits. At the heart of the work is a search for innocence. The images are sometimes poignant, sometimes humorous, and often-times have a dark edge.”

– Brenda Atwood Pinardi