Ed Potokar
Anderson Gallery
October 21 - December 1, 2016

Inventor, artist and musician are a few of the titles that could be aptly used to describe Ed Potokar. The work presented at the Anderson are all functional musical instruments crafted by the hand of the artist with the goal of pushing the envelope of traditional forms. With a focus on percussion and stringed instruments; Potokar references Miro in the use of tight linear compositions of metal and wood that hint towards the figurative. Sweeping steel lines act as would pencil on paper to define the highly refined planes of hardwood. These works in the end are three dimensional drawings which have the added ability to involve the participants within the kinetics of music.

“I find that music and sculpture are parallel interests for me and I have been doing both for as long as I can remember,” comments Potokar. “In this time of complex technology, there are still simple ideas that can be explored, and I enjoy making something from nothing. I actually find sculpture and music to be quite similar and my instruments, performances, and architectural elements are the result of a quest for something different that bridges the worlds of design, audio, and art.”

-Ed Potokar