Gerald Schifone
Maxwell Library, 3rd and 2nd floor
Octoberr 05 - October 26, 2019


After the loss of something I was lionized for, it felt as if I was being melted into a sea of norm, searching for any way to break free from my old self. I wanted to resurrect myself after a time I felt my life was rather unrelenting. The melting and manipulation of plastics in my compositions correlate with my own life for personal reasons on both a particular predicament I have recently faced and a quandary we face together.

Plastic appears so innocuous as it is everywhere in our daily lives dominating all other materials, but it is really a pernicious snake that could very well be the cause of extinction. It was for this reason I feel the need to explore this material and force a different view of it to the public eye. I smolder the plastics into a satisfying composition, while inhaling the toxic fumes and feeling affiliated in a strange way with my art. My art in many ways has so much in common with human existence. Although I understand my style of artmaking has virulent consequences, I feel it is necessary for the best version of me at that moment in time.

Correspondingly, we continue to eat the meat on our plates and drink the liquids from the plastic bottles containing them, only because it is more convenient to our wellbeing in that instance. The same gluttonies in life will also be our termination with time.

“Plastic will be the main ingredient
of all our grandchildren’s recipes.”
-Anthony T. Hincks

“The greatest threat to our planet is
the belief that someone else will save it.”
-Robert Swan