Donald Stoltenberg

Selection of Works from the Roger Dunn Gift
Maxwell Library
January - February, 2022
Curated by Mollie Rose Burke
Anderson Gallery Virtual


The evolution of Donald Stoltenberg’s art follows a path through his inspiration of derivative art styles, such as synthetic cubism and abstract impressionism. This show follows Stoltenberg’s work reverse chronologically, starting with his most recent watercolors in maritime themes and oceans liners and transitioning to his earlier pieces of industrial forms and architecture.

Many of Stoltenberg's more recent marine watercolors are painted with deep and enchanting jewel tones and pops of contrasting colors. These pieces are inspired by the early 20th century cubist movement. Stoltenburg uses sharp, precise, and fragmented shapes which contrast against the fluidity of his marine paintings. As his work gets older, he continues to incorporate many geometric lines and shapes tied in with industrial forms and architecture. Much of his earlier compositions fall in the abstract impressionist style, these pieces are much darker and haunting, yet he continues to use pops of color in his work.